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What I’m all about…


I love light, form, shape, texture, pattern, line, and movement. Achieving a balance of these elements in an image is the surest way to create photographs that people love, that resonate and impact; pictures that will endure. My goal is to make people look again…and see.

I’m crazy about plants and collect and grow them. I’ve spent years in the botanical garden world as a curator and head of horticulture, writer, educator, speaker, and media spokesperson. I’ve had an unparalleled opportunity to develop a personal vision, using the elements of photography to showcase plants and gardens in my own special way.


(photo by: Aron Fazekas)

As an author and photographer I’ve been published in books, magazines, newspapers, and on the web. Selected clients include Royal Botanical Gardens-Canada, The New York Botanical Garden, The Garden Conservancy, Fine Gardening, Horticulture, Chicagoland Gardening, Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel, The Hamilton Spectator, Viplant Algarve Garden, Hunterdon Art Museum, University of Guelph and

My photography hangs  in homes, offices, and botanical gardens around the world. Illustrated lectures and webinars featuring my photography have been given on many subjects in many countries, including the University of Guelph in Ontario, The New York Botanical Garden, Royal Botanical Gardens, Mediterranean Garden Society-Portugal, North American Rock Garden Society, garden clubs, corporate boards and associations, and the American Public Garden Association. Media appearances include The Martha Stewart Show, CNN Financial, CBS Radio, CHCH TV, CHML Radio, and CCTV (China Central) television.

I’m  based squarely between Manhattan and Philadelphia in rural New Jersey and create fine art, commission and editorial images. I maintain an extensive stock file of accurately labeled photographs, and am available for commission assignments anywhere in the world. You can reach me by email at  or by phone at +1.262.490.6163.