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There’s nothing quite like a tropical conservatory in the winter to chase away the photographic doldrums. And there’s no place quite like the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory at The New York Botanical Garden. AND there’s nothing quite like NYBG’s orchid show to bring out photographs looking for a shot of cholorphyll.



February is not generally a very hospitable month in New York. Despite the beauty of Victorian architecture, even the conservatory has little to recommend it from the outside at this time of year. Banners flanking the door, however, give a hint of what’s inside.


It’s a lot warmer inside than out…even though this winter hasn’t been a bad one. On a cold day, it will take a half hour or longer for your camera and lenses to clear. Use the time to scope things out and create a shot list.


Just like shooting outdoors, look for long, establishing shots…


…medium detail and vignette opportunities…

carlo_160226_7586 carlo_160226_7595 carlo_160226_7598

(and there will be plenty of these)



And more intimate portraits. Macro opportunities will abound but be limited by light conditions unless supplemental lighting is used.

It’s the season, so wherever you are there is sure to be an orchid show nearby. Be sure to check in ahead of time with the venue for times, ticketing information, and any special rules for photographers. These events are CROWDED (you think we’re the only ones who need a little color?) and tripods are often forbidden. Look for quiet times of day and/or special days or hours for photographers.

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